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6-cell battery A32-K53 A41-K53 for ASUS X44L-BBK2 X44L-BBK4


Rechargeable Laptop battery A32-K53/A41-K53 for ASUS X44L-BBK2 X44L-BBK4 notebook, 6-cell, 10.8V, 5200mAh. 100% Compatible and Brand new, 30 days money back & 1 year warranty. Power your laptop with this replacement excellent battery.

  • Type : LI-ION
  • Volts : 10.8V
  • Component : 6-cell
  • Capacity : 5200mAh
  • Color : Black
  • Condition : 100% Compatible and Brand new,replacement
  • Warranty : 30 days money back & 1 year warranty

Fits the following models:

ASUS A43 Series, A43B, A43BR, A43BY, A43E, A43F, A43J, A43JA, A43JB, A43JC, A43JE, A43JF, A43JG, A43JH, A43JN, A43JP, A43JQ, A43JR, A43JU, A43JV, A43S, A43SA, A43SD, A43SJ, A43SM, A43SV, A43T, A43TA, A43TK, A43U,

ASUS A53 Series, A53B, A53BY, A53E, A53F, A53J, A53JA, A53JB, A53JC, A53JE, A53JH, A53JQ, A53JR, A53JT, A53JU, A53S, A53SD, A53SJ, A53SV, A53T, A53TA, A53U, A53Z,

ASUS K43 Series, K43B, K43BY, K43E, K43F, K43J, K43JC, K43JM, K43JS, K43JY, K43S, K43SC, K43SD, K43SE, K43SJ, K43SR, K43SV, K43SY, K43T, K43TA, K43U,

ASUS K53 Series, K53B, K53BY, K53E, K53F, K53J, K53JA, K53JC, K53JE, K53JF, K53JG, K53JN, K53JS, K53JT, K53S, K53SA, K53SC, K53SD, K53SE, K53SJ, K53SN, K53SV, K53T, K53TA, K53U, K53Z,

ASUS X43, X43 Series, X43B, X43BR, X43BY, X43E, X43J, X43JE, X43JF, X43JR, X43JX, X43S, X43SA, X43SD, X43SJ, X43SM, X43SR, X43SV, X43T, X43TA, X43U, X43V,

ASUS X44 Series, X44C, X44H, X44HO, X44HR, X44HY, X44L, X44LY,

ASUS X53 Series, X53B, X53BY, X53E, X53S, X53SK, X53SV, X53T, X53TA, X53U, X53Z,

ASUS X54 Series, X54F, X54H, X54HB, X54HR, X54HY, X54K, X54L, X54LB, X54LY,

Fits the following part number:

ASUS A32-K53, A41-K53, A42-K53, A43EI241SV-SL,


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  • Model: A32-K53/5200mAh